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Talent acquisition magic for high-growth companies

Hire Talent
50% Faster

Alchemist helps you hire exceptional talent, faster. We embed and align directly with your team for real-time communication and rapid feedback loops, reducing time-to-hire by up to 50%.

Young Businesswomen
At Work

Reduce Agency Spend by 80%

Alchemist's approach to talent acquisition allows you to scale up or down to match demand. Our unique RPO model of unlimited hires for a flat monthly fee helps you save anywhere from 40-80% on hiring costs.

Recruit with
90% accuracy

All Alchemist recruiters graduate from the Alchemist Academy® and are expertly trained to find you the perfect fit based on what you need – whether its skills, culture, diversity, or compensation.


Alchemist is a recruitment process outsourcing company that helps high-growth companies source, hire, and scale their teams. We specialize in finding top AI/ML engineers, software developers, product, sales and marketing talent to meet the demands of growing tech teams. Alchemist is unique as an RPO firm with flexible engagement models and our comprehensive Alchemist Academy® program that ensures our Recruiters are ready to produce high quality candidates from Day One. 

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our recruiters are expertly trained 


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Director AI/ML

Manager AI/ML

Staff/Principal AI/ML Engineer

Generative AI Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Prompt Engineer

Research Engineer

NLP Engineer

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VP Marketing

Product Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Demand Generation Manager

Social Media Manager

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VP Engineering

Director of Engineering

Engineering Manager

Staff/Principal Engineer

Software Engineer


Data Engineer

QA Engineer

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VP Product

Group Product Manager

Product Manager

Product Designer


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VP Sales

Sales Director

Sales Manager

Account Executive

Account Manager

Sales Development Rep

Sales Engineer

Sales Enablement

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Alchemist + AI Applied's strategic partnership leverages AI Applied's 20 years of software engineering and practical AI expertise to deeply understand your technical requirements and deliver the best AI & ML candidates for your business.

Pick Your Potion

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unlimited hires flat monthly fee

Reduce agency spend up to 80%

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Deeper alignment with hiring team
Increase hiring velocity

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percentage based fees per hire

Reduce recruiting time spent

Contingency model

Strategic headhunting

Increase candidate volume & quality

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