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Hire experienced contractors ready to work their magic.

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Flexible hourly and monthly  Solutions 

Experienced Contractors

Flexible engagements 

Increase bandwidth on-demand

Reduce administrative burden

Young Businesswomen

Experienced Contractors

Alchemist has a pool of top-tier contractors – from AI/ML engineers and software developers to product designers and marketers – built over years of experience and industry relationships. ​

Immediate Impact

We're ready to go when you are. Fill key talent gaps and increase bandwidth for short- and long-term software engineering, content marketing, and product design projects.


Total Control

Get the flexibility you need with engagements that suit your needs, from short-term to long-term and everything in between.


Reduced administration 

Reduce the burden on your HR and payroll administration by leaving it to us, so your team can focus on core activities.

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software engineering

Alchemist's established network of experienced contract software engineers is ready to step in and bridge the resourcing gaps essential for meeting your project deadlines. From short-term expertise to long-term support, we help fill critical roles needed to maintain the pace your business demands.

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content marketing

Gain access to a pool of talented contract Content Marketers dedicated to ensuring your brand message is delivered effectively and your go-to-market strategies drive real growth. From seasoned strategists to creators and writers, we connect you with skilled professionals who will elevate your content marketing efforts.

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product design

We’ve built a thriving community of contract product designers, ready to jump in and help you meet your product deadlines. Our network has a variety of talented product experts skilled in creating visually stunning, user-centric designs and experienced in translating product visions into reality.

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our recruiters are expertly trained 

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