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Alchemist is a collective of talent acquisition, technology and scale-up practitioners.  We thrive on helping companies break new ground and hire exceptional people.  

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to finding the best people and

not stopping until the job is done.


in solving mission critical problems that have real impact on our clients and each other. 


we will close even the most challenging roles.  

alchemist noun

: a person who studies or practices alchemy

alchemy noun

: a practise of transmutation that turns regular metals into gold

Sean Huynh

The Alchemist

  • LinkedIn

Sean has over 10 years experience scaling up teams for mission critical initiatives. 


Career highlights:

Built the iOS/Android teams for the 2016 & 2018 Olympics and 2018 Super Bowl


Built the mobile teams that developed Canada's biggest streaming app in 2019


Helped a Silicon Valley startup build a Canada engineering hub, hiring over 50 engineers which contributed to a $150M funding round in 2021

Helped a NY startup hire their entire marketing & design team in 2023

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