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Unlimited Hires. Flat Monthly Fee.

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Extend Your team

unlimited hires flat monthly fee

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Increase hiring velocity

Deeper hiring team alignment

Reduce agency spend 

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Rpo model

Move away from outdated recruitment models and processes with Alchemist's unique RPO approach, allowing you to scale with unlimited hires for a flat monthly fee.


Hire 50% Faster

Hire better talent, faster. Alchemist will help you hire 50% faster with an embedded team that understands your business and has the right subject matter expertise and industry connections. 

Deeper alignment

Drive to success faster with our embedded team model. We become experts on your business and build direct relationships with your hiring team for real-time feedback loops, streamlined communication, and quicker time-to-fill. 

Reduce spend by 80%

Reduce your recruiting expenses by up to 80% with Alchemist's unique recruitment process outsourcing services. Fill more positions, with better talent, faster than ever. 

The process


Client Onboarding and Integration


Source & Screen High Quality Candidates


Real-time Feedback with Hiring Team


Support Offer and Closing Process


Alchemist recruiters are all expertly-trained Alchemist Academy® graduates. This proprietary recruitment training program is designed specifically to recruit the best talent available for high-growth companies. When combined with our RPO model, it allows you to hire top talent, faster, at a fraction of the cost.


Already have an established team of recruiters and need to fill your pipeline? Our team of expertly-trained sourcers will help build a robust talent pipeline filled with only the best candidates. Alchemist's unique expertise, strategic partnerships, and deep-rooted industry connections unlock access to the highest-quality, hardest-to-find talent.

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our recruiters are expertly trained 

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